How was THE NATURAL SOAP created?

I am a dermatologist and venereologist and I have been running medical practice in Dabrowa Górnicza for 10 years. I consult about 30-35 patients who work in local companies and their families every day. The reasons for the visits are not only disease symptoms but also improper care for healthy skin. As the outcome of my observation of this group of patients (this is more less 600 - 700 people every month). I have created the soap for washing and every day care of the whole body for everyone: "THE NATURAL SOAP".

Laboratory works and opinions collecting lasted for 1.5 year. Then, the soap was produced by Pollena Ostrzeszów and introduced to group of chosen patients and to my colleagues (other doctors), who gave it positive opinion. "THE NATURAL SOAP" also received positive opinion from speciality research centres, which, after carrying out series of researches, gave it following certificates:

  • Certificate of Microbiological Examination number 11873/7224/2005
    Opinion and conclusions: "Sample of "THE NATURAL SOAP" being the subject of the research fulfils the microbiological requests made in accordance to Minister of Health Service Order on 23 December 2002, and does not pose danger for humans in terms of microbiological cleanliness".
  • Certificate of Dermatological Examination with use of Semi-open Contact Test number B - 11873/6595/05/D
    Results: "In group of examined 20 persons (18 women and 2 men), including 19 people with positive allergic history positive reaction was not recorded, what means that, the soap does not reveal irritating and allergic properties". Opinions: "On the basis of results achieved in semi-open contact tests that have been carried out, we state that "THE NATURAL SOAP" being dermatologically examined fulfils requirements considering health safety". Microbiological and dermatological examinations were carried out by the ITA TEST Specialistic Research Laboratory, Institution of Dermatological Research of Economic Medicine in Warsaw, 82 A Obozowa Street.
  • Evaluation of the cosmetic safety in accordance with the directives of the European standards of 20 October 2005 carried out by BZS Consulting in Warsaw, 32/17 Kochanowski Street.
    Result: "The examinations did not reveal any danger to man's health".
  • Registration in National Informing System about Cosmetics introduced into Polish market No RK/143503/2005 in Lódź, 8 St. Teresa Street.

I would like to attract your attention to transparent packaging..

This is a deliberate choice. Thanks to such a packaging you can see that the soap DOES NOT CONTAIN any dyes, detergents or any other harmful allergic substances, such as aromatic mixtures. The composition, the formula and the packaging of the soap are a patent indicator.

For many months my patients have been using the "NATURAL SOAP" to washing and every day care of the whole body without irritation and desiccation of skin. I also recommend it to young people who suffer from acne changes, as it proved to be very helpful in treatment of it. The "NATURAL SOAP" is very efficient in treatment of fungal, bacterial, and viral changes of skin. It is advisable for people who use common baths, pools, bathing beaches and showers.

The "NATURAL SOAP" is the outcome of my medical work and 1.5 year's engagement of people working in pharmaceutical-cosmetic business, who gave me a possibility to complete my project and produce it.
The owner of the soap is a Polish company: VINSVIN Merchant and Service Company domiciled in 41-303 Dąbrowa Górnicza, 80 Kasprzaka Street, tel./fax.: +48 32 261 55 40, email: The producer of the soap is Pollena Ostrzeszów Company.

On 23 June 2005 my patients bestowed me an honourable title of "a Women's Friend Doctor" awarded by "Twój Styl" Magazine for health care and propagation of prophylaxis of women's diseases.
My dream is that the "NATURAL SOAP" became an expression of my care and contributed to further propagation of prophylaxis among our patients.
In this way I am asking for help in reaching a large group of patients and their families who can not afford expensive treatment and detergents.

As a creator of the prescription and a co-owner of the patent I recommend you: The "NATURAL SOAP".