Opinions of medical institutions

Dear Sirs,

The "NATURAL SOAP" was created by the dermatologist-venereologist (based on many years' medical practice) in cooperation with specialized medical laboratories and the use
of modern technology of production.

The "NATURAL SOAP" is a therapeutic soap made on the basis of "silver with the use
of nanotechnology and contains unique ingredients such as: prevacare, boric acid, therapeutic mineral water and is superior in action to any cosmetic soaps used so far all over the world".

Nanosilver kills over 600 bacteria and viruses, it reveals a unique antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral action and in combination with its ingredients is an excellent prophylactic soap.

The "NATURAL SOAP" does not contain any detergents, dyes, aromatic mixtures, whitening substances or other chemicals, preservatives, and that is why it is recommended for every day care of the whole body including skin of the head, perineal areas, for adults, children and allergy sufferers and for all other people for prophylactic purposes, skin care
and keeping it in good condition.

The "NATURAL SOAP" has all the necessary examinations and certificates allowing it to be sold on both European and non-European markets. It has a patent indicator and currently it is the only cosmetic soap with such a wide range of action in the world.
The soap had been examined at Medical University of Łódź, at the Faculty of Pharmacy, under my personal supervision, where its unique action has been confirmed. I recommend
it to everyone as a modern product of 21st century.

In order to obtain any further information, please contact us at the phone number:
032 261-55-40, fax: 032 794-52-15 or contact me directly at the phone number of Medical University of Łódź: + 48 42 677-91-14.

Kierownik zakładu
Prof. dr hab. Ryszard Glinka